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What we do

The Autonomous Vehicles and Mobility services (AVM) ecosystem is a national ecosystem aimed at supporting the transition of Finland’s transportation system and the growth and internationalization of companies in the Finnish transportation and mobility sectors. The formation of the ecosystem will take place over 2018-2019 in a project funded by Finland’s innovation support agency Business Finland after which the AVM ecosystem will continue operation with the support of its Anchor and Member organizations.  
  • Mission: Co-developing Finland into a Prime Mover in new mobility services and vehicle technologies and quickly leveraging the results internationally.
  • Strategy: Accelerating innovation by conducting piloting and capability building activities:
    • transport related technologies (e.g. 5G, electrification, autonomous driving); and
    • mobility services and new business models integrating public and private transport service.
  • Resources: Access to leading academic research (Tsinghua University, University of Tokyo, UC Berkeley, etc.)
  • Activities:
    • Joint capability building and action learning with industrial leaders (ABB, Fortum, Ponsse, Valmet Automotive, etc.)
    • Piloting new enabling technologies for mobility services: Connectivity, Electrification, and Autonomy
    • International expansion of the ecosystem: Identifying potential collaboration cities outside Finland by collaborating with WALCC.



SME members

City members



Supporting the development of the ecosystem



By 2020, the AVM ecosystem has launched at least five new technology offerings and five new services on international markets based on successful piloting in Finland.


By 2020, the AVM ecosystem is identified as a key collaboration partner of all the biggest cities in Finland which have aligned their procurement processes to support the introduction of new mobility services and technologies. The WALCC and the AVM ecosystem have also become active influencers of the transport legislation in Finland, and the new market conditions in Finland are examples of successful private-public collaboration in the transportation field.


By 2020, the AVM ecosystem is a recognized expert by public and private transportation decision makers within the Finnish business society as well as internationally. Its leading individuals are also frequent speakers at international events. 


By 2020, the AVM ecosystem has generated more than €100M in new export revenues.


By 2020, the AVM ecosystem development project has successfully fulfilled its goals, and the ecosystem continues as a market-driven community through the AVM platform managed by the WALCC. 


The AVM ecosystem welcomes participating organizations from business, government, and research who have an interest in contributing to the development of future mobility solutions which are automated, connected, electric, and shared. 
Anchor organizations

Together with the WALCC the anchors establish the rules of the ecosystem and steer its development through the Advisory Group. They support the piloting and research activities through a higher annual fee than that contributed by Members.

Member organizations

Participate actively in the execution of one or several work packages in the project and carry out own development work to strengthen the ecosystem. Members support the financing of the ecosystem activities through an annual fee lower than the one of Anchor organizations.

Observer organizations

Are interested in following how the ecosystem evolves e.g. by participating in open workshops organized by the WALCC relating to the project. They do not participate in the financing of the program, but an Observer organization may join the community as a Member at a later point.

Upcoming events

  • SuomiAreena forum, July 16th-20th, 2018; Pori, Finland The AVM ecosystem will host a showcase of the ecosystem’s Anchors and Members to present the solutions and services offered by the group in the field of mobility. If you are interested in attending the forum, please contact Henrik Hultin ( or Jussi Hulkkonen ( for more information.
  • AVM Summer meeting, June 11th, 2018; 12:00-16:00 Studio K, Hotel Klaus K, Helsinki The AVM ecosystem will hold a summer meeting open to Anchors, SME members, and City members on June 11th at the Hotel Klaus K in Helsinki from 12:00, beginning with an optional lunch, and continuing to 16:00. An invitation will be sent to all current ecosystem members, outlining the preliminary agenda, in coming weeks.
  • WALCC Forum (18th and 19th, May, 2018, Tengchong, China) The 14th WALCC forum invites those interested in smart energy, the circular economy, carbon trading and sequestration, and green medicine to join the WALCC in Tengchong, China located in the Yunnan province.